21 November 2019

The Ethics and Law of Artificial Intelligence


Fondazione Leonardo Civiltà delle Macchine organized a two-day international conference to discuss the ethical and legal implications of the growing use of AI. The conference took place on November 21 and 22 at the Camera dei Deputati.

The conference stimulated a debate on the ethical code of AI in Italy, stressing the need and benefits of a more formalized legal framework. A new technological humanism that preserves the centrality of man in the era of machines passes through the creation of rules that the public authority must build together with the producers and users of the digital economy.

The conference was structured through four round tables that studied the ethical and legal implications of AI ​​in the sectors of security, finance, healthcare and justice. Each round table saw the participation of Italian academics, international experts, representatives of institutions and companies in the hi-tech sector.

Conferenza "Statuto Etico e Giuridico dell'Intelligenza Artificiale"



During the conference on the ethics and law of artificial intelligence, Fondazione Leonardo Civiltà delle Macchine presented a manifesto of ethical guidelines and legal proposals, aimed at offering a framework of good practice to AI-related industry and guide the legislator in outlining a new set of rules for the application of new technologies.

The manifesto follows in the footsteps of other international documents, from the Asilomar Principles to the most recent Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy A.I. of the European Commission's Committee of Experts. The document was drafted by a large group of researchers working in the fields of information technology, the philosophy of new technologies and law, integrating scientific rigour with an open humanistic perspective.

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The Ethics and Law of AI(pdf - 616 kB)


I tre paper presentati dalla Fondazione nel corso della Conferenza sono disponibili online sulla rivista BioDiritto al seguente link

La Rivista di BioDiritto – BioLaw Journal, edita dall'Università di Trento, è una rivista giuridica online e peer reviewed, che approfondisce i rapporti tra diritto e scienza in prospettiva comparata.

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