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La Storia di Leonardo

Leonardo nasce nel 1948, ma le sue radici industriali sono molto più antiche. Molte aziende che, nel tempo, sono confluite nel Gruppo, talvolta cambiando nome e settore di attività, hanno origini che risalgono ai primi del 1900 e, in qualche caso, al diciannovesimo secolo.

Radar Museum Photos

The Radar Museum, inaugurated in 2009 at the plant of the Electronics Division for Terrestrial and Naval Defence at Fusaro (Naples), historical site of Italian radar, was created to bring together, preserve and pass on the history of pioneering radar production in Italy which began in this plant over 60 years ago.

Museum of Galileo Workshop

The Museum was founded in 2006 by the then Galileo Avionica, now the Electronics Division for Terrestrial and Naval Defence of Campi Bisenzio (Florence) which, merging various Italian companies in the defence sector under the same brand name, had taken over the legacy of Officine Galileo in Florence, one of the oldest Italian high technology companies, which created optical and astronomical instruments.

Museum of Melara Photos

Reconstituted in 2001 on the ashes of an old company association, the Association Museum of Melara O.N.L.U.S. is a non-profit institution that pursues exclusively cultural and social purposes in the promotion and enhancement of the historical memory of OTO Melara.

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