Breda Meccanica Bresciana Museum

Reconstituted in 2001 on the ashes of an old company association, the Association Museum of Melara O.N.L.U.S. is a non-profit institution that pursues exclusively cultural and social purposes in the promotion and enhancement of the historical memory of OTO Melara.

Its activities mainly have to do with the recovery, protection, conservation and enhancement of the company’s historical and cultural heritage, represented by the archival fonds and products of industrial archaeology of OTO Melara. The OTO Melara Historical Archive, located at the La Spezia factory, has been recognised by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture to be "of particularly important historical interest”.

The Brescia headquarters houses the Breda Meccanica Bresciana Historical Archive, which has been preserving archival material relating to the Breda plant (former VI section of Breda - SIEB) since 1924. The Archive became part of the company's assets after the merger between OTO Melara and Breda Meccanica Bresciana in 2001.

In December 2013 a permanent exhibition space was inaugurated with a photographic exhibition entitled "Our History. Breda Meccanica Bresciana from its foundation to its reconstruction in 1924-1955", which tells the story of the Breda Meccanica Bresciana plant and its production through 200 photographs from the Archives.

In 2013, at the Brescia plant, a restored former air-raid shelter, built by the company during the Second World War as a shelter for workers during the bombardments, was inaugurated. The bunker (so called) contributes to enriching the exhibition itinerary already set up at the Brescia plant and can be visited not only by employees, but also by visitors from outside the company.

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