23 July 2019

The Alphabet of the Stars. Elena Stancanelli, her piece of sky

The sky has always been a source of inspiration for poets, scientists and lovers, interpreters of a reality that belongs to the whole of humanity and to everyone's heart: the cosmos.

The stars don't exist, not even Asher. It’s close to Venus, sometimes it’s very far away and disappears. Then suddenly it glitters, especially when you thought everything was dark. It's even easier to keep your eyes closed if you want to see Asher. Walking on the beach, petting a dog. You can dream it, many dream of it. But you can't look at it for long or look for it in the same place where you saw it the last time. In summer, it appears right above the line that divides the sky from the sea, but no matter how fast you can swim, it’s difficult to reach it. Except if you swim backstroke, or even better, if you get distracted and don’t swim at all. Then it’s possible that you bump into it, where it floats among the waves, like a gold fish.

Elena Stancanelli,

writer, her latest book is "Came to the beach a murderer" ed. The Nese di Teseo

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