24 July 2019

The Alphabet of the Stars. Evelina Christillin her piece of sky

The sky has always been a source of inspiration for poets, scientists and lovers, interpreters of a reality that belongs to the whole of humanity and to everyone's heart: the cosmos.

The stars ... the stars look at each other, recite and sing to one another, especially from the sea, where "the silver star shines"; where, even looking at the bottom, there are starfish swimming among thousands of colours, and everything seems to connect the wonders of the air to those of water, in an eternal exchange of harmonious poetry. Not me, I see the most beautiful stars up there, just one step from the sky, from the top of Monte Rosa, to Capanna Margherita, the highest refuge in Europe. They are reflected in the snow and we hear them singing lullabies to us mountaineers, they accompany us exhausted in sleep and we find them well again early in the morning, when we resume our journey. The luminous stars guide us, in the sky as on earth; going down into the valley, the edelweiss are in fact droplets of their great sisters up there and, like Tom Thumb's breadcrumbs, they quietly take us home.

Evelina Christillin,

President of the Egyptian Museum Foundation

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