22 March 2019

Explore. On the Moon and beyond

21 July, 2019 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the first man on the Moon and, for this important anniversary, National Geographic and GEDI S.p.A., with the collaboration of the Italian Space Agency, have curated at Palazzo Blu (Pisa) the exhibition "Explore. On the Moon and Beyond" (22 March - 21 July 2019).

The Leonardo Civiltà delle Macchine Foundation has contributed to the exhibition with some of the most significant examples of Italian aerospace excellence, one of them, which the General Manager of the Foundation Lorenzo Fiori dwelt on during his inaugural speech, is the Philae lander, transported by the ESA’s (European Space Agency) Rosetta probe, the first human artefact to land on the surface of a comet, 67P, on 12 November, 2014.

From this mission and from its examples of absolute innovation came profitable spin-offs like the drill that will look for traces of life on Mars from next year, or the drill that in 2023 will look for water on the Moon, both designed on the basis of the drill the Philae lander had on board, designed by Leonardo, the first to have operated on a celestial body.

Only by cultivating the past can a more exciting future be built and the Explore. On the Moon and beyond exhibition tells of a beautiful past projected into the future.

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