05 June 2019

The Leonardo Foundation presents "Civiltà delle Macchine" in Milan

The historical publication returns with the aim of creating a dialogue between scientific and humanistic culture

PROFUMO: "The second life of the magazine will encourage the birth of a 'digital humanism', in which “savoir faire” is at least as important as “savoir penser”.

Rome, 5 June 2019 - "Civiltà delle macchine" returns after thirty years. The Leonardo Foundation, set up a few months ago, has dusted off the editorial project that in 1953, under Leonardo Sinisgalli, engineer, poet, mathematician and first editor of the magazine, thrilled so many readers during the period of Italy’s Reconstruction and economic development.

The name of the quarterly publication does not change and is a happy encounter between two precious words: 'Civilisation' which represents the achievements of a society that has reached an advanced level of culture and 'Machines' which symbolises the work of the human mind, capable of creating better and better devices to perform often extraordinary work, with great savings in time and effort.

Thanks to the contribution of philosophers, scientists and artists, the magazine aims to bring together science and humanism in a phase of full technological development.

It is no coincidence that the Leonardo Foundation has chosen to present the first issue of the magazine in Milan, in the National Museum of Science and Technology, a symbolic place and crossroads of knowledge and cultures. And it did so by giving the floor to those who, with patience, are contributing to this project.

Among these, Luciano Violante, President of the Leonardo Foundation: "With 'Civiltà delle Macchine' we are addressing the younger generations who live and will live in the digital world. They will be able to freely browse through the magazine by connecting to the Foundation's website and will be able to talk to the editor, giving us ideas, suggestions and proposals. For them we are also launching a competition of ideas for topics related to artificial intelligence, in the fields of medicine, finance, justice and defence, we are organising, in collaboration with the universities, some conversations on the future through meetings with major players in the world today. Helping man to use technology; helping technology to serve man. These are our objectives, which we have called digital humanism".

"With 'Civiltà delle Macchine' we are addressing the younger generations who live and will live in the digital world." Luciano Violante, President of the Leonardo Foundation

Peppino Caldarola, the editor of the new magazine, also finds himself facing a cultural challenge: "Civiltà delle Macchine' in 1953 ran counter to the mainstream and its ambition is to continue in this vein. Away from the mainstream because it brings together what is diverse, because it loves words of reason, not bombastic rants, it seeks a new humanism in letters and in science. It will set no limits when exploring the products of thought, dreams and inventions. Culture is our only thesis and emanates joy".

"Civiltà delle Macchine' in 1953 ran counter to the mainstream and its ambition is to continue in this vein. Peppino Caldarola, Magazine Director

The presentation of the first issue of 'Civiltà delle Macchine', with the screening of footage evoking the industrial and civil reconstruction of Italy, by director Maurizio Sciarra, was closed by Alessandro Profumo, chief executive of Leonardo Spa, who was the first, together with the chairman Giovanni De Gennaro, to believe in this new project.

"In a profoundly changed world that faces the "digital revolution", the reasons for the renaissance of Civiltà delle Macchine are the same as 66 years ago: to reflect on the relationship between science, technology and man and to create an interdisciplinary meeting place open to contamination between worlds that are seemingly distant, but in reality deeply interconnected. I am convinced that this second life of the magazine will be useful for all of us, thus promoting the birth of a 'digital humanism', in which savoir faire is as important as savoir penser, to grow humanly and professionally and to enrich the communities in which we live”, said Alessandro Profumo.

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