29 July 2019

The Alphabet of the Stars. Davide Rondoni, his piece of sky

The sky has always been a source of inspiration for poets, scientists and lovers, interpreters of a reality that belongs to the whole of humanity and to everyone's heart: the cosmos.

I have my own star, in the sense that a star has been “christened” with my name. It’s called Leo Ra 10h54m29sD 02 * 9 ′ 48 ″ - a friend gave it to me (for a few dollars you can "buy" / christen on a website). I saw where it was once. My star... it’s what you say when you look at a little girl, or a young lady or even an elderly mother… “My star” as if to say: my precious thing, but with a tenderness that crosses every sidereal space, every extraneousness that time settles among the people… My star, so far away, lost in the universe, mysterious and pulsating with a remote light and you, my star, are here and you make me laugh and cry every time I look at you and with a caress, which comes from afar and goes very far, I touch you…

Davide Rondoni,

Poet and writer

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