02 August 2019

The Alphabet of the Stars. Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre, her piece of sky

The sky has always been a source of inspiration for poets, scientists and lovers, interpreters of a reality that belongs to the whole of humanity and to everyone's heart: the cosmos.

It is Jupiter, in his clarity, that announces that the work has been completed.
In my impatience as a child, I was taught to wait to see it for fun, to declare the arrival of the evening, even before the more reliable Venus announced vespers.
Jupiter remains in the sky all the sky all night now and invites us to contemplate it, like Muhammad of Goethe, and then abandon it to the dawn, like Abraham of the Koran who says goodbye “I love not those that set.”

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Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre,

theologian, is Professor of Islamic Culture at the Italian Institute of Islamic Studies

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