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giovanni de gennaro

This is a fight for the future, surprise me!

I usually say little about myself. However, I do wish to tell the story of my relationship with “Civiltà delle Macchine”. I had just been appointed president of Finmeccanica, now Leonardo, when I came across a booklet, published by whom I cannot [...]

giancarlo giorgetti

What to do when an individual becomes a bar code

The new shape that the will to power is taking on, is an unprecedented binary scenario: that of e-commerce and of artificial intelligence. Today, Carl von Clausewitz, strategist and theoretician of conflict, would not write about guns and military [...]

massimiliano galloInfografica di Vertigo Design e Glenda Trubiano

Goal-scoring algorithms. An interview with the calm leader

Carlo Ancelotti is from Reggiolo. He is one of the figureheads of all that is Made in Italy. Son of farmers, he is proud to tell of his childish rage when the landowner came to the house to lay claim to half the harvest. And yet, his father [...]

lorenzo fiori

Fatal attraction and tears of stars

In the upcoming days around San Lorenzo, the Moon, in conjunction with the planets Jupiter and Saturn, will be like an actor and witness of an imaginary and mythological reconciliation. Having survived his paternal greed, Jupiter shackles his father [...]

Alfabeto delle stelle

The Alphabet of the Stars. Gianbattista Vittorioso, his piece of sky

No stars are seen tonight in the sky over Prater, in Vienna. It's August. "That" night was a night at the end of May. I was not there. My father told me about it. Ever since I was a child. And that time we saw them together in Madrid. Stars seen and [...]

Alfabeto delle stelle

The Alphabet of the stars. Tomaso Binga her piece of sky

Starry sky … with the eyes of unborn babies … of abused women … of humiliated men … from an unkind power … and without hono u r! >:< … Clouded sky … we salute you … along with shooting stars … who flee to emigrate … to pristine … galaxies!

jean botti

Men and flying machines: the challenge continues

It’s great to see how a man can overcome the challenges he faces: unconditionally good in Franky Zapata! It is undoubtedly a very personal exploit for a man who is already an extraordinary jet-ski champion. Flying platforms date back to 1953 with [...]

Credits: Olga Iacutone, Castello Piccolomini di Celano
Alfabeto delle stelle

The Alphabet of the stars. Nazzareno Carusi, his piece of sky

Tracks … Promenade - Minute 4.22 - 5.12 … The old castle - Minute 5.13 - 10.50

massimo claudio comparinilorenzo fioriStrait of Messina, COSMO-SkyMed image © ASI, processed and distributed by e-GEOS

Divinity at work: pay attention

Sly Hephaestus is playing hide-and-seek with the gods, giving underwater thrills from Capo Granitola to Sciacca. In the six new forges, christened with the names Actea, Climene, Nesea, Doride, Ianeira and Ianassa, he expands his already rich array [...]

Alfabeto delle stelle

The Alphabet of the Stars. Ottavia Casagrande her piece of sky

Cursed, blessed, blasphemed. Hallowed. Electric, empty, indifferent. Pale, leaden, disrupted by clouds, lightning. Fire red, dawn pink, placid, blue, immense, smog yellow. In shock, in storm, in tears. Skew, cut, in front. Perforated with stars, cut [...]

Alfabeto delle stelle

The Alphabet of the Stars. Francesca Bocca-Aldaqre, her piece of sky

It is Jupiter, in his clarity, that announces that the work has been completed. In my impatience as a child, I was taught to wait to see it for fun, to declare the arrival of the evening, even before the more reliable Venus announced vespers.

Nicole Voltan, 759 a.C. 88, La colonna, (dettaglio) 2017 Courtesy Galleria Mucciaccia Contemporary. Photo credits: Simon D'Exea

Postcard from Space. The endless journey of the Voyager 2 probe

Hi everyone, I am Voyager 2. I belong to the family of space machines, to all effects I’m an unmanned spaceship.

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