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The Museo Agusta Foundation was set up in 2003 in Cascina Costa Di Samarate (Varese), thanks to the commitment of the Senior Workers' Group of the then AgustaWestland, now the Helicopter Division. At its museum headquarters, the Museo Agusta Foundation collects the records of the activity of both the historical Costruzioni Aeronautiche Giovanni Agusta and the historical MV Agusta.

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The Leonardo museums bear exceptional witness to the technological and industrial memory and constitute an instrument of dialogue and constant sharing between the company and the territory. They were born out of the awareness that a large part of the industrial culture of our time is not only produced by the great cultural and educational institutions, but is also formed within companies. Living, dynamic structures, corporate museums represent a point of reference for communities and territories, centres of industrial culture open to visitors, researchers, students, economic and cultural operators.

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Ultimo numero Civilità della Macchine

La Rivista - Civiltà delle Macchine

Maggio 2020

Quali saranno le conseguenze economiche, politiche e sociali della pandemia? È questo il focus del nuovo numero della rivista che vede gli interventi, tra gli altri, di Chiara Saraceno, Michele Fusco,Emanuele Felice e Francesco Grilllo. In apertura, inoltre, l’intervista al premio Nobel della fisica 2019 Didier Queloz.

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