E l’italia prese il volo.
Vita di Renato Bonifacio

Guido Moltedo

UTET, 2010

E l’italia prese il volo. Vita di Renato Bonifacio

E l’italia prese il volo. Vita di Renato Bonifacio

Put a country into the air. Literally attach wings to it. Make it fly within and beyond national borders, in a world that is getting smaller and smaller, faster and faster. In Italy it has never been an easy task, quite the contrary. Yet someone did succeed, in the silence of the media and memory, if not exactly of history. One above all: Renato Bonifacio, engineer, manager, visionary, adventurer yet able to move without breaking the tiniest trinket in the china shop of politics, national and international. With his mind in Naples and heart in Milan, when common sense might have pointed in the opposite direction, demonstration of a rare complexity and originality. Naples or Milan, this insignificant biographical fact that borders on the anecdotal if not the oleographic can be read as a metaphor for the most important game that Renato Bonifacio played until the ‘Eighties: Europe or the United States? An alliance with disunited Europe or with the American giant? Bonifacio would never lose the stigma of that explicit or sneaking accusation of having chosen, almost a betrayal, that America which was also our main political ally and collective dream. But for him, the point was not political. It was his company, it was a matter of equal dignity, the recognition of a non-subordinate role. In short, equal rights or nothing. This is the managerial, political and human watershed that always guided the choices of Renato Bonifacio. So, Bonifacio does and discards over the decades, with Aeritalia he makes the country fly, but when he died, in 1988, there were only a few lines in only a couple of newspapers. A dumb silence that this book finally tears apart. The story of a man, the story of a company, the unknown story of an important piece of the country system. The story of a pioneer who managed to get Italy to fly high. "The reconstruction of Renato Bonifacio's entrepreneurial activity is an extremely interesting initiative not only for conveying to posterity the memory of one of the people who left his mark on the development of Italian industry, but also to shed light on the relations between public and private companies and on the even more complex relations between government and companies in one of the most difficult periods in the history of our country". (Romano Prodi).

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