I ragazzi del '76.
Vite parallele di Gustavo Stefanini e Sergio Ricci

Laura Maragnani

UTET, 2011

I ragazzi del '76. Vite parallele di Gustavo Stefanini e Sergio Ricci

I ragazzi del '76. Vite parallele di Gustavo Stefanini e Sergio Ricci

Charisma, managerial ability, rigour, courage, entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of honour are the words most frequently used in the book to describe the personalities of Gustavo Stefanini, "father" of the La Spezia company, and of his friend, colleague and successor Sergio Ricci: two men who succeeded in bringing OTO Melara to levels that made it a brand recognised all over the world. Stefanini's and Ricci's story is one of industrial and technological excellence, as well as a testimony to a very high level of professionalism, which made it possible to bring missile technology to Italy and make it one of the leading high technology companies in the country. They were men who had made “low profile” part of their managerial ethic: first do, then talk about it, so as not to risk someone stealing the idea from you or stopping you from realising it. No interviews with newspapers, no archives, with the risk that important stories like that of OTO Melara would be lost. The oral reports that the author has aimed to capture in this book remain: the stories and memories of those who lived through the events, of those who contributed to make OTO Melara great, of those who had “hands on” experience of characters such as Stefanini and Ricci.

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