L'inventore dell'invisibile

Enrico Fovanna


L'inventore dell'invisibile

L'inventore dell'invisibile

“L’inventore dell’invisibile” tells the story of a man born between the two wars, a man who, like few others, knew how to combine humanistic and technical culture, Franco Bardelli. Microlambda, Studio Tecnico di Consulenza Elettronica, SINDEL, Selenia, Officine Galileo and IDS - Ingegneria dei Sistemi, are the companies where Bardelli worked as an engineer throughout his life, providing the expertise and experience of a technician, manager and entrepreneur, with great dedication and rigour.

Born in Alessandria in 1925, and moved to Pisa with his family, Franco Bardelli attended the Naval Academy of Livorno, graduating in mechanical engineering at the University of Pisa. However, electronics was his professional passion, so much so that he embarked on an industrial career in the field of radar and electromagnetic technologies with few equals in Italy.

Bardelli was one of the leading players in the development of radar technology in Italy, and especially of the industrial needs of design and production in a country in the midst of its economic reconstruction. It can be said that Bardelli "transformed hundreds of recent graduates into engineers, technicians and researchers of international level. He was an intimate part of the history of Italian industry before setting up his final creation, IDS Georadar, today the leading Italian company in the field of non-invasive exploration, and one of the first four niche companies in the world”, as writes Enrico Fovanna, author of the biography.

Frugal and Franciscan, Franco Bardelli always demanded a lot from others because he demanded a lot from himself, an "inventor, a manager who aimed at technological research more than anything else. From Fovanna's biography, however, one can also see the very human figure of a man afflicted by unspeakable pain, that of the death of his son, a tragedy that would reveal the other side of the great manager, intimate and full of unanswered questions. This book tells you about not only the genius, then, but also the man, Franco.

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