Lo spazio tricolore.
Storie di uomini che hanno visto le stelle

Dario Laruffa

UTET, 2009

Lo spazio tricolore. Storie di uomini che hanno visto le stelle

Lo spazio tricolore. Storie di uomini che hanno visto le stelle

This is a multi-voiced story that investigates - with an approach ranging from the neophyte to the expert - the almost endless theme of the conquest of space, particular attention being paid to the extremely important contribution that Italian ingenuity and technology have given and are still giving to this thrilling challenge. From the very beginnings of the space experience to the projects currently underway, passing through milestones such as the moon landing of 1969, Laruffa draws on numerous direct reports to recount the role played by Italy - incidentally, "the third country in the world to launch a satellite into orbit, after the USA and Russia" - in an activity that is still full of appeal and mystery, as well as of extraordinary strategic importance. "The story of the conquest of space is mainly made up of men who, through their tenacity and ideas, have made possible the achievement of ambitious goals”, said Prof. Veredice, on the occasion of the presentation of the book, highlighting the growing importance being acquired by applications of great utility in the daily life of man and his safety: from telecommunications to observation of the Earth, from infomobility to monitoring the climate and the environment. "In the near future”, added Veredice, “we can contemplate developing more and more ambitious services and applications related to space, not only close at hand, but also outer space as well".

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