Manager Gentiluomo.
Vita di Enrico Albareto

Filippo Foschini

Fondazione Ansaldo, 2008

Manager gentiluomo. Vita di Antonio Albareto

Manager gentiluomo. Vita di Antonio Albareto

Manager gentiluomo - Vita di Enrico Albareto, written by Filippo Foschini and published by Fondazione Ansaldo, is the first volume of a series dedicated to some crucial figures in the history of the industrial and technological development of Italy and, in particular, those attached to the Finmeccanica galaxy. Albareto was top manager of the then Elsag, of which he was CEO in 1984 and Chairman in 1998; a manager who, like few others, was able to embody modernity and memory, territorial roots and an international perspective, human values and technological research. Albareto was not from Genoa, he was born in 1929 in Molare, in the province of Alessandria, but his attachment to the city of the Lanterna, scene of decades of life and work, has undoubtedly made him Genoese honoris causa. Albareto's experience, a man of facts rather than words, capable of leading a company towards an international dimension that has proved decisive for today's objectives, tells us something very valuable from an industrial and human point of view. Albareto was the archetype of the entrepreneur who wedded the cause of the company, a management model for all. That's why there is now a city (with a street named after him), a company and, to some extent, an entire industrial segment to remember him. In and out of the pages of this book.

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